Friday, January 2, 2009


Top Ten of 08

You care.

10. Homostupids-Cat Music 7"
Follow up to last years godhead "The Edge" is not as good, but still "Better than your band".

9. UV Race 7"
Great punk that flew with Birdmen under the radar, whatever that means.

8. Francis Harold and the Holograms 7"
Totally great noise that mixes Killdozer, Flipper and early Pissed Jeans. But I mean, not as good as any of those, still...

7. Kriegshog Hardcore Hell 7"
Hype bought. This is good, like Framtid good.

6. Loser Life "My Hell" LP
They seem to be one of the more polarizing bands in real punk today. I love em, even if they ruined a whole pressing of their 7" with spray paint. Also I get the feeling if I knew them I wouldn't like em.

5. Clown "Livestock World" LP
You know how about 5 years ago, everyone was so ga-ga over Jap-Core and you totally bought into it and now you have, like, Heartwork 7"s that you never listen to? This record is as good as you thought that was. How's that for a sell?

4. Invasion "La Caza" 12"
Nowhere near the monster that the 1st LP was, but still great. Best Spanish punk band ever.

3. Condominium "Pupils" 7"
After a first 7" of great(if not forgettable) hardcore, the follow up blows it away. Fanboy.

2. Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Primary Colours" LP
ECSR in Spin in 09. You heard it hear first.

1. Sex/Vid "Nests" 7"
Again, I'm buying the hype. For all the complaining the try-hards and try-harders did about that vaguely similar riff from that canine desire song(or that other song about wanting to be a fox), you'd think that every other punk record this year was fresh and original. And although the 12" is also great, the really should break up and never look back. This record is good enough to take Layla Gibbon seriously. SRSLY.

Sorry Dutchess and the Duke, Lebenden Toten, Pink Reason, N/N, D4, Brain Handle, Herds, Cola Freaks, Smart Cops, -/-, Masshysteri and Stagnation. I guess make your records a little better next year.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hate say I told you so

Just kidding, I love it.

McCarthyism part two.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the blackballing begin....

While I think that Nader could have chosen his words more carefully, what is ultimately a lame play on words is pretty much going to end the career of someone who held a lot of leftist hopes for the better part of a decade. A poor choice of words means that no one is going to answer the very valid questions he was asking, and sets a very dangerous precident for anyone critical of Barack Obama. No doubt in my mind that Obama was the best of the candidates for the job, but Nader was the only candidate asking the questions I was asking. It's just unfortunate that the Amecican social climate is so knee-jerky that some poor taste disqualifies the validity of his questions. Accountability is out the door, "change" is the new buzz. Canadians are jumping on the bandwagon, even though few of them muster more commentary than "Well, Bush is just an idiot and Obama sounds like he knows what he's talking about". Hollywood Politics.

Seeing as how I live in Canada, I'm doubtful that the election will affect my life meaningfully at all. While a modicum of change is inevitable, I'm not holding my breath(much like the Bush's presidency had no real affect on my life). The same system is intact and it's going to be fine. I'd love to be wrong though.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where ya been?

Not on the computer writing things no one reads. Probably not going to change anytime soon.
Some summer pictures, so what?

Chronic Seizure


Big Bry looking great!

Legendary Dudes



Nate being a totally cool guy.

Search and Destroy at War On

A new friend

Sometimes old people can have fun too, sometimes.